Carbery Plastics Mobi Point

The Carbery Mobi Point is a mobile diesel tank specifically intended for the safe and secure transportation of diesel fuel offering efficient and convenient multi-site refuelling. This mobile refuelling tank is designed to be strapped securely to the back of almost any commercial vehicle such as a jeep, van, pick-up truck or trailer, providing a portable remote on-site or off-site fuel dispensing tank. The Carbery Mobi Point portable refuelling tank can be refuelled on almost any forecourt allowing for the safe storage and transportation of diesel fuel on-site or off-site. The robustness and durability of the Carbery Mobi Point teamed with its convenient portability provides transportable refuelling option which can be used on building sites, farms, forestry and all sorts of rough terrain where a tanker may not be able to access. The benefits of the Carbery Mobi Point transfer tank range from minimising downtime, maximising productivity and eliminating the requirement for diesel drums, cans and barrels on-site.

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