Galway Floods Winter


Galway the Winter of 2011

Galway was hit by some of its worst flooding to date. This flooding damaged roads, destroyed families homes and cost the country millions of euro. The various clips do show the power of nature and how much damage it can cause to families and local businesses. The Big freeze – “Mean air temperatures for the season were around two degrees lower than average for the 1961-90 period and it was the coldest winter since 1962/3 everywhere. The season began with relatively mild weather, but each of the winter months was colder than normal. The season’s lowest temperatures were measured in the periods December 24th to 25th and January 7th to 9th, when air temperatures fell below -10°C in places and several stations recorded their lowest winter values for more than 20 years. There was a total of between 70 and 80 ground frosts during the season at inland stations, while Valentia Observatory’s total of 62 ground frosts was almost three times its average winter figure of 22.Rainfall totals (including snowfall) for the season were below normal almost everywhere, with only around half of the seasonal totals recorded in some places. At most stations it was not as dry as the winter of 2005/6, but at Shannon Airport it was the driest since 1963/4. The season’s heaviest falls were during December and mid-January, particularly on December 29th/30th and on January 12th in the south. There were between 20 and 30 days with snow in many places, mainly in the form of showers, but snowfall accumulations were generally slight except on high ground. The total number of raindays during the 3- month period was between 44 and 62 generally, around 10% lower than normal for the season.”